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  1. wawinter
    Can anyone tell me why my Robo 3D R1 plus wont work after i changed out the arduino and ramps board
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  7. chuoiit03
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  11. Luis Olivet
  12. Bianca Groom
    Bianca Groom
    likely all through issues together with distressing injuries
  13. Chor Kut
  14. FLquake
    Brand New to 3D printing. Any help would be appreciated :)
  15. aulazxquez
  16. billbreaker
    billbreaker Jacques LeDee
    Hello by chance do you have an stl file for the bondtech extruded carriage that you designed for the robo r1 plus?
  17. Lee. A
    Lee. A
    learning about my new printer, can't wait to get started!!!
  18. Christian_Hanseman
  19. Christian_Hanseman
  20. Christian_Hanseman