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  1. tkoco
    Busy printing stuff for the Holidays!
  2. David Ewart
  3. Thomas E. Foss
    Thomas E. Foss mark tomlinson
    Can anyone tell me where to get a new build surface for the R1+? I was using a GO-3D PRINT 250mm x 320mm Borosilicate Glass Plate/Bed w/Flat Polished Edge for 3D Printer but that is no longer available and my bed is chipped.
  4. lngan15
  5. ezrahabib
  6. AvaBrian
  7. robert baldwin
    robert baldwin
    Working on restoring a Robo R1
  8. SophiaCharlotte
    Professional Writer
  9. AvaBrian
  10. AvaBrian
    Java Burn Weight Loss Coffee
  11. Nana Boadu-Aburam
    Nana Boadu-Aburam Braydon ROBO 3D
    I need my account deleted because its posting my information on google search
  12. Taylor Brown
    Taylor Brown
    Looking for best business consulting firm in UAE? Scope Consult has the best management & franchise consultants in Dubai
  13. Jagamus
    "They say the best blaze burns the brightest when circumstances are at their worst."
  14. Antonello
    Antonello WheresWaldo
    Hello Mr. WheresWaldo, we are owners of a R2 and we are getting so much troubles on the bed leveling, everytime we need to do the bed calibrations and they are never perfect. We saw a post where you talked about Marlin and UBL..where we can find instructions to install this firmware? Could i make a backup of the actual firmware installed, in case of any problem? Do you suggest me to change the firmware?
  15. jobiden
  16. jobiden
    i am starting my career as a fitness model please visit my website
  17. MagicSteve
    MagicSteve mark tomlinson
    Thank You, Mark for the info on PETG settings.
  18. Omar Uriarte
    Omar Uriarte
    CEO at CNC Masters
  19. pillsfact
    He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.
  20. R14Life
    This printer makes me cry sometimes :(