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A Tighter filament setting guide

Discussion in 'Software' started by tkoco, May 5, 2019.

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    May 7, 2018
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    One of the issues I had with Cura was the printing of the lines did not have good adhesion for filament lines which laid side by side.

    These are the changes which I made to enhance the side to side adhesion:

    In the Quality section of a profile:
    Line Width: changed from the default of 0.4 to 0.42

    In the Material section of a profile:
    Printing Temperature: changed from the default to default + 3 degrees
    ... Example: 195 became 198

    Flow: changed from the default of 100% to 110%

    In the Travel section of a profile:
    Z Hop Height: changed from the default of 0.075 to 0.15

    In the Cooling section of a profile:
    Regular Fan Speed at Layer: changed from the default of 4 to 8

    One other "gotcha" for Cura:

    If you resize a model which is too large for the print bed ( X and Y dimensions resized, but not the Z ), the model can end up with a negative Z setting. Cura will slice the model, but you will lose any portion of the model which is below the print bed. So, a 10 mm Z size model with a -3 mm Z setting will result in a 7 mm high model being printed!

    The solution is to check the model with the Move function after a resize operation.

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