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Filament Dryer (Sunlu Dryer Update)

Discussion in 'Mods and Upgrades' started by Lance Weston, Sep 26, 2021.

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    Jun 2, 2018
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    I bought Sunlu Filament dryers. The operational concept is all wrong. You set a temperature and timer.

    I just ordered a temperature and humidity controller (24vdc) from Amazon, but it is also commonly on eBay:

    Added a 24v relay because I assume the grounds are common and I want the two outputs in series:

    While the humidity is not low enough the heater will turn on to the max temp programmed.. I may even mount a fan in my printed box.. The big advantage is that: I no longer have to keep pressing buttons on the Sunlu Box, I will not waste money heating filament that is already dry enough. Set it and forget it.

    Parts are coming from China. When they arrive I will update.

    This works really well. The SFX-ST3022-24V has relays with isolated contacts. (eBay or Walmart) On the PCB one side of the relay contacts can be jumped to 24v(-) the other relay can be jumped to 24v(+). The 24v from the rear connector can be directly soldered to the PCB and the heater can now be directly soldered to the relay contacts.

    I glued the sensor to the inside of the box cutting a double sided sheet (for gluing glass to flexplate). I reduced the length of the sensor wires. I then used the same double sided glue sheet to glue the module to the front of the Sunlu box.

    There is about a 3C and 3% RH hysteresis once installed.

    This is set and forget, no having to push buttons before the 24 hour time is up. It save energy by not requiring heat unless the RH% drops.


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