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Discussion in 'Show and Tell' started by Seamus, Sep 8, 2017.

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    Jun 13, 2017
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    (Wasn't sure if this was more "Show-and-Tell" or "Projects" (which was empty), so please forgive me if I got this in the wrong place.)

    Several years ago, I built a time-lapse stand to take photos of vines as they grew. The camera rode on a sliding carriage, which was moved up a column by a very slow, light-duty winch. I was on a very restrictive budget at the time, so using what I had on-hand, my slow drive was made mostly from leftover bits from VEX robotics sets. It worked, but it was large and clunky, and looked terrible. I've been wanting to have another go at the time-lapse thing, and to that end, I decided to try my hand at redesigning the slow drive, using the tools and resources I have available to me now.

    This is the revised version of my slow drive, making extensive use of 3D-printed parts.
    It's got three 25:1 worm gear reduction stages inside, and a 1.75:1 chain reduction on the input, for a 15,625:1 internal reduction, or 27,344:1 reduction overall.

    I downloaded the gear tooth profile and parametric sprocket generator from Thingiverse, but the rest of everything was hand-coded in OpenSCAD, then sliced in Simplify3D, and printed on my R2.

    slow_drive_02.jpg slow_drive_03.jpg slow_drive_04.jpg slow_drive_05.jpg slow_drive_06.jpg

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