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Leadscrew upgrade

Discussion in 'Mods and Upgrades' started by JJ Medina, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. JJ Medina

    JJ Medina New Member

    Oct 29, 2018
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    Hi all!

    It recently came to pass that I'll have to do the lead screw upgrade to my R1. Looks like the kits are sold out.

    I was looking at Amazon and it looks like there are several options available, so I'm not sure if any particular one is better or if it really matters. I can't post links yet:
    - Iverntech NEMA 17 Stepper Motor with Integrated 300mm T8 Lead Screw
    - Redrex Nema 17 Stepper Motor 310mm T8x8 Lead Screw Integrated with 1.5A 40Ncm/57.1 oz.in
    - SainSmart NEMA 17 Lead Screw 265mm Stepper Motor M8 Z axis

    Is there any one of these, or a particular one, that you guys would recommend?

    Also, I am going to need to have the adapters printed since my machine is currently out of order. Any place you recommend ordering small parts from?
  2. mark tomlinson

    mark tomlinson ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ
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    Feb 21, 2013
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