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Coby Robo 3D
Feb 20, 2013
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Coby Robo 3D

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    1. lowside
      I'm trying to get some idea of when I should be reasonably expecting to be receiving my printer. I backed the kickstarter project in the March tier with the ABS upgrade and I'm here in the US. Seems like people from later tiers have already been receiving printers but I haven't had any word at all. Any sort of information you could give me would be appreciated.
    2. scotta
      You have a large number of competitors out there and increasing daily. You are going to need to compete on more than price. Customer service and meeting customer expectations will need to be part of it. Clearly set customer expectations and then meet that every time…
    3. scotta
      What is the latest on the shipping? I am exceptionally frustrated with the lack of communications. I have backed many kickstarter campaigns and this would be the worst in terms of communications. Whilst I realize you are focused in building printers you are missing out on the most important part of the equation, your customers.
    4. Tomtribute
      Hey Coby, On Aug 8th Mike said, "My apologies ... Yes! you are backer # 140 and we have shipped approximately 100 units. We just got a huge shipment of 420 encasings and parts in and have spent the last week bolstering our production line so yours should be sent out very shortly. Hope this helps!" Care to clarify what 'very shortly' imply? Pls & tks! Tom
    5. Mozzuk
    6. Patrick Elliott
      Patrick Elliott
      Hey Coby, got my printer 8-22-13 no fan included, oops.......
    7. Michael Stone
      Michael Stone
    8. cristian
      i´m interesting for buy your 3d printer
      i send a message at this hotmail robo3dprinter@gmail.com
      can you answer me¿?
      thanks :)
      1. Coby Robo 3D
        Coby Robo 3D
        You should be getting an email back shortly cristian
        May 20, 2013
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