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Sep 26, 2020
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Sep 26, 2020
    1. jason rowsey
      jason rowsey
      I cant attach a file. It is under the file size restriction, I choose the file, and it loads and just sits on the attachment screen. The only buttons are browse and close. Close does not attach the file. Please tell me what I am missing.
    2. jim knocke
      jim knocke
      Harry, I am trying to replace my extruder nozzle on a Roibo 3d R1 Plus and what I read is not clear. cannot find a release screw. Help
    3. Michael Keyser
      Michael Keyser
      I'm trying to create a new thread, but I'm being blocked for my text containing spam-like or inappropriate content. Can you tell me what exactly your system is matching for me to be able to submit my post? Thanks!
    4. Grandpa
      Hi Harry,
      Where can I find repair parts for my robo3dr1+. I have had little luck searching on google. Any help is appreciated.

      Thanks Don
    5. Rui Teixeira
      Rui Teixeira
      Hi Harry,
      I print the calibration cube to check the printing dimensions accuracy and I found out that the z dimension is smaller than it should. The print starts well and suddenly the increment is smaller or it just doesn't increment and the nozzle touch the part in some layers. I attached to the post in the forum few pictures of the prints, I can send it also.
      Any idea about how to solve this problem?
    6. 3D Printer Man
      3D Printer Man
      How can you become a volunteer mod. I would like to help people out.
    7. Richard Kleinhenz
      Richard Kleinhenz

      what is the right way to 'message Harry' to report problems with the forum? This can't be it, since there is 420 character limit. I don't find a private msg link
      1. Harry
        Just replied to your PM!
        May 8, 2016
    8. John Huggins
      John Huggins
      Good evening Harry, I was looking at my profile and notices that my birth date is incorrect. I know it is a little thing, but when you have the time would you please shave a couple years off my age and move me up to 1946. 10 years ago it wouldn't even cause a ripple, but today for some reason, it kind of bugs me. Thanks a bunch. John
      1. Harry
        Mar 22, 2016
    9. mycb
      hi, i keep trying to post a new question about my problem and it keeps telling em it thinks it spam. there is no links in it. i'm not sure what the problem is. how do i get this to post?
    10. fe_tech53
      hey harry i have done the lead screw upgrade on my robo 3d r1. i now need to update my firmware. anywhere you can help me with this. since i cant find a tutorial ANYWHERE thanks so much
      1. Harry
        Feb 8, 2016
    11. exelsion
      hello harry can you give me the last firmware ROBODR1AUTOV4 because with the V3 i have bug , why v4 because under mater control is the laste version i have foud when you make update but i have an lcd and i dosn't work ?
      1. Harry
        Hey, I'm a little confused to exactly which firmware you need? They should all be on guide.robo3d.com.
        - Harry
        Aug 17, 2015
    12. Keith.CT
      Harry, This is John Leeper, I have not heard from you.
      I will call support tomorrow to expedite the replacement of the defective hotend.
      1. Harry
        Hey I replied to our convo.
        Jul 21, 2015
    13. Chad Tombyll
      Chad Tombyll
      Im new on this forum, and I dont know if this is where you send a PM

      I would like the link for the lead screw kit purchase

      Chad Tombyll
      Tombyll Plastics
      1. Harry
        Jul 14, 2015
    14. k1e1v1i1n
      1. 1 person likes this.
      2. Harry
        Just did!
        Jan 23, 2015
    15. jeanne
      Harry, make your youtube videos that are on the public forums available to the public... why are they private, then nobody can see them, especially the public that is reading the posts....
      1. joseph niccoli likes this.
      2. Harry
        Hey, which videos?
        Aug 13, 2014
    16. Francesco
    17. poxcx
    18. Alex Moule
      Alex Moule
      Hi Harry,

      Just wondering if you could help me out and let me know how my order is coming along? I am a May pledger for a non-ABS fully assembled machine and I've heard absolutely nothing about when my printer is going to arrive; it's particularly frustrating when June pledgers turn up in the forum and talk about how they've already received their printers.

      any info you can find out would be brill!
      1. Harry
        Hey Alex, if you could submit this question in the Technical Support area of the forum, I would be able to get you more info. Thanks!
        Nov 10, 2013
    19. Shigemal
      Hello Harry
      Cam I place my message on your profile ?
      I cannot find out your email address.

      My extruder missing filament pushing guide roller.
      I am not sure exact name of parts.
      I believe it is small bearing with core rid.

      Do you need my backer information of ROBO3D ?

      1. Harry
        Hey Shigemal, if you could please make a new post in the Technical Support area, we would love to help you out with a replacement if the part is missing.
        Oct 17, 2013
    20. scotta
      Harry, could you add Asia as a location for RoBo3D Printers Around the World sub forum..... considering it has a population of over 4.3 billion people, there might be one or two from there ;-)
      1. 1 person likes this.
      2. Harry
        There you go :)
        Oct 14, 2013
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