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Hot Rod ROBO

New Distributed Electronic System plus Candy Apple Red Paint with White Racing Stripes!

  1. Les Hall
    Hot Rodding a ROBO 3DR1 printer, to me, means gutting it down to the mechanicals and fully replacing the electronics system with a totally new way of controlling a printer. I have designed a distributed computing system that has several advantages over the traditional centralized control system. I'll also be using fancy silicone insulated wires, LED lighting (of course), and perhaps a custom power supply. Also, what Hot Rod printer would be complete without a classic paint scheme such as candy apple red with white racing stripes?

    There are several advantages that a distributed 3D printer control system might have over the existing conventional centralized system. These include better heat distribution, improved safety, printer diagnostics (a key feature), possibly lower EMI, simpler wiring, longer life (maybe) and most likely slightly lower cost.