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Vee-Twin Zero Space Print Head 2017-01-22


  1. Gregg Teaby
    This is a new dual head design that rotates the heads so they both are in the same X&Y location. If anyone is interested in building one let me know. It is a Bowden tube design and uses a Nema 11 stepper to rotate the hot ends. The nozzles are independently adjustable with a set screw. There are two 40mm fans to cool the nozzle block and two 40mm fans to cool the bed. This is designed to fit into an R1. The electronics will require an upgrade. There will be one more extruder motor and the hotend rotate motor. Every time the system switches from one hotend to the other the gcode will need to tell the nema 11 stepper to run and then hold. This motor will always be powered. It will drive form one stop to the other stop and stay entergized to hold the hotend in place. preview.JPG