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Have I missed any modifications to my Robo R1+?

Discussion in 'Show and Tell' started by Bil Forshey, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. woferry

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    Jan 14, 2016
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    Curious, are there any of these surfaces that can withstand the heated nozzle? I find with the filaments I'm using that I get some drooling from my nozzle at the beginning and end of prints (and haven't found a retraction setting that stops this so far), so when the nozzle is cool this can interfere with leveling as it can cause the z-switches to trip when the cooled filament hits the table rather than the nozzle itself. Once the nozzle is heated then it would be too far above the surface and extruding in the air. So I've stuck with the glass so far but I do have occasional bed adhesion issues and would like to try something else.

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