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schematics, parts lists

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Billm, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Billm

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    Nov 30, 2013
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    I received a robo3d printer for Christmas. as I understand it was delivered Nov 23, 2013. The only identification i have found is ok pass 365.
    The unit came with a setup manual. However, nowhere can I find a parts list, parts drawings, or electrical drawings. I have been on the forum and it has been helpful for getting started.
    The printer has two problems.
    1. The glass plate is not flat. I have made a thingiverse and put a very accurate dial indicator and measured the surface of the glass and it has .005" waviness in it.
    2. the heated bed only heats to 35 deg C than shuts off and therefore have had no success with abs plastic.
    As I am a business owner and appreciate feedback from my customers, I offer you the following points.
    1. I found numerous loose bolts.
    2. front bed hold down screws had nuts on top and one was tight and other loose. the back had the screw heads on top and were so tight whey deformed the plastic washers, and caused the back to be .010" lower than the front.
    3. Since getting the Z axes is so critical, the philips head adjusting screw is a very bad design requiring too much downard pressure and force to adjust, and in a very awkard position, and the switch had loose screws. I recommend replacing it with an allen head screw, although i could not find 4 mm x 50 mm allen head screws anywhere.
    4. With the head moving so much, the stick_on wire holders in the top came loose the first time I tried to print.
    5. The wires going to the head should be anchored so they don't flex going the the motor and extruder, and also to the glass plate. ( wires should not flex on the attachment points )
    6. the documentation stated that the nozzel is 0.4mm. However I have measured numerous free flowing filiments of 0.60 - 0.65 mm
    7. Since the x axis is dependant on the side to side movement of the head assy, I hane noticed that as the Z height gets higher there is more flex in the top of the vertical guide rods. I think that the top of the rods should be supported by the case and be adjustable so that they are square with the bed.
    Overall I am satisfied with the value of the printer. As with any new design I expected growing pains.
    In summary I need the following.
    1. parts lists, parts diagrams, wiring diagrams.
    2. replace glass and perhaps that will fix the heat bed issue.
    Thank you,
    William Murphy
    870 North Shore Dr
    Glen Burnie, MD 21225

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