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  1. Mecan Printers
  2. crazybulkjapan
  3. manasa
    manasa OutsourcedGuru
    Hi there, saw one of your posts about creating 3D human scans using Trnio app. We need a job work to be accomplished using Trnio/Scann3D, can you help us?
  4. tkoco
    Lurking about 8)
  5. tkoco
    Printing with wood filament
  6. tkoco
    printing with wood fill filament
  7. tkoco
    Printing in Copper Fill
  8. treochanmayhcm
  9. tkoco
  10. tkoco
    tkoco OutsourcedGuru
    saw your GitHub project for adding a camera. Looks good. The part which I was interested in was the SSH command to get into the PI. I tried that command but I get a "connection refused" error. Any suggestions on how to fix the C2 RPi so one could use the SSH command? Thank you in advance!
  11. Roka31
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  15. raygreen11
  16. Cecil Rincones
  17. xuandy82
  18. nionzwsk leex
    nionzwsk leex
    Luna Trim-Solution That Gives A Slim Looks
  19. xaydungtientrieu
    Công ty dịch vụ xây dựng Tiền Triệu Chu Đáo Về Hậu Mãi · Đảm Bảo Về Chất Lượng · Tận Tình Về Phục Vụ · Hài Hòa Về Thẩm Mỹ
  20. wawinter
    Can anyone tell me why my Robo 3D R1 plus wont work after i changed out the arduino and ramps board