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Robo CommunityOS

Raspbian, OctoPrint, Touchscreen

  1. WheresWaldo
    A replacement distribution for Robo3D R2 and C2 printers. It includes the OctoPrint host software for 3d printers out of the box and mjpg-streamer with RaspiCam support for live viewing of prints and timelapse video creation.

    How to use?

    1. Download CommunityOS image from <insert url here>
    2. Using Etcher, Win32DiskImager, or Rufus burn the image to an 8 GB or larger (preferred) microSD card. It is installed like any other RaspberryPi image.
    3. After burning the image a new /boot partition should appear in your host computer, If not remove and reinsert you microSD card. Ignore or cancel all warnings about the disk requiring formatting.
    4. Configure your WiFi by editing the text file communityos-wpa-suuplicant.txt. Uncomment the correct lines for the type of local WiFi network protection you use, typically WPA/WPA2.