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San Diego says 'hi'

Discussion in 'United States of America' started by OutsourcedGuru, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. OutsourcedGuru

    OutsourcedGuru Active Member

    Jun 3, 2017
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    But that's pronounced San Di-ah-go. /RonBurgundy /WillFerrell

    I recently bought a C2 and have hopes to mod the hell out of it. I've been tweaking Raspberry Pi's for a bit, long-time coder, comfortable in Windows/OSX/Linux, I do the open-source thing on github, WordPress, worked on Teletypes/electronics in the Air Force, also dabbling in robotics now... I do monthly talks at SanDiego.js on Meetup. Worked in a roto-molding factory out in Tennessee, did some CNC work as well (mostly HDPE). I was once working on a robotic 16' Dobsonian telescope up in NORCAL with a 15" primary. I'm in an apartment so I can't really "sprawl" my inventions all over the place.

    Working on a chassis for a Raspberry Pi supercomputer, a re-breather for the desert to recapture the moisture in exhalations, some Robo mods of course, I'd like to recreate Dr. Royal Rife's equipment from the '30s, I'd seriously like to 3D print circuitry, interested in creating telescope-grade optics by 3D printing them, PEM cells and electrolysis, stuff like that.
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