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mark tomlinson
Feb 21, 2013
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Dec 4, 1960 (Age: 63)
Orlando, FL
Software Engineer

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mark tomlinson

༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ, Male, 63, from Orlando, FL

Staff Member
    1. Thomas E. Foss
      Thomas E. Foss
      Can anyone tell me where to get a new build surface for the R1+? I was using a GO-3D PRINT 250mm x 320mm Borosilicate Glass Plate/Bed w/Flat Polished Edge for 3D Printer but that is no longer available and my bed is chipped.
    2. MagicSteve
      Thank You, Mark for the info on PETG settings.
    3. joea
      Mark, I have had no response form Solidworks on my query.

      Perhaps you can describe how I can change the diameter/radius of an existing "extruded boss/base"?
    4. chrispullman
      Mark, my printer stops printing after about 20 minutes. R1+ Matter Control Windows 8.1 from a lap top. After I walk away and return and wake the lap top, Matter Control page says in the top left corner printer not communicating. Any thoughts?
    5. ZSCHONY
      Hi Mark,

      I was hoping to find some information about switching my thermistor to the Type K thermocouple. I can find a lot of information on the pt100 but nothing on the type K. Any info would be appreciated.
    6. Terry Balthazor
      Terry Balthazor
      I'm getting an Error Detected - MAXTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0
    7. Christian_Hanseman
    8. Christian_Hanseman
    9. Theresa
      So, I was trying to post a thread but I need more post before I post links. So, my name is Theresa and I need help. Lots of it lol. Any tips for my Robo R1 Plus?
    10. mike2017
      need help all my wheel prints are shifting layers can you help?
    11. OutsourcedGuru
      Regarding your post in bed-heater-installing-ssr-pid-control-instructions, "I would expect a MOSFET... to work at least as good as an SSR.", just throwing it out there that if you pulled the lid off those SSRs you're buying there's likely a MOSFET or TRIAC inside. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_relay#Operation (Would have just posted but Waldo's a little cranky lately on resurrecting old threads.)
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    12. Nicole Dubois
      Nicole Dubois
      I have 2 robos R1 and I keep on having issues here and there. On one Robo the X axis, when it glides to the left its pretty smooth but for one point on the rods. I think this is the reason a get a shift in my prints. About a few layers after the raft has printed.

      Could it be a bearing problem? I am questionning because it only happens on a certain point on the rods.
      1. mark tomlinson
        mark tomlinson
        Bearing or perhaps a bad rod. Changing the bearing is easier.
        Apr 14, 2017
    13. Jeff Uberstine
      Jeff Uberstine
      What made you get a Robo C2, just curious.
      1. mark tomlinson
        mark tomlinson
        Really just wanted an better small/fine detail printer.
        Using the R1+ for that is a pain.
        Apr 14, 2017
    14. eric scalia
      eric scalia
      any experience with the e3dv6 and r1+?
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    15. Aflickted
      Hey man, how do I find you on Amazon? I want to see if you have anything on your wishlist I can afford to buy you. You have been so helpful.
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    16. Hugo César Tarelo
      Hugo César Tarelo
      I Mark...
      I've some problems. My 3D robot send this message..
      My 3D robot, send this message... Your printerir reportinga hardware Error. This may prevent your printer fromfunctioning properly. Error Reported: "Extruder switched Off. MAXTEMP triggered !"
      Can you help me?
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      2. Hugo César Tarelo
        Hugo César Tarelo
        What should I do in this case?
        Apr 13, 2016
      3. mark tomlinson
        mark tomlinson
        Make sure the thermistor wires are connected to the RAMPS and not broken. If they are then it is a bad thermistor.
        Apr 13, 2016
      4. Hugo César Tarelo
        Hugo César Tarelo
        Ok, thank you. I will check it
        Apr 13, 2016
    17. R41
      My Robo 3d R1 wont print STL file created in Punch V9, it downloads into print que, I can see the OBJects downloads the Printer Que, I can see the OBJECTS on the Printer Que Bed, but they don't print, the printer calibrates, then says PRINT FINISHED, print Another.
      1. mark tomlinson
        mark tomlinson
        I can't help you with MatterControl. Sorry, I do not use it. Perhaps try another program (repetier host or Cura)
        Apr 13, 2016
    18. Daniel Lam
      Daniel Lam
      Thank you I just pulled the fuse out and it is bad. What is the amps on the fuse?
      I just replaced the fuse and it blow immediately. Any what next?
      1. mark tomlinson
        mark tomlinson
        What was the fuse labeled? I would need to pull one from a working unit to be sure.
        May 25, 2015
    19. Robert Choban
      Robert Choban
      Mark could you look at a post for me and if you don't have any ideas could you suggest someone else to talk with.
      "Fingers and hands for children"
      1. mark tomlinson
        mark tomlinson
        I only just discovered these profile posts... hopefully this was not urgent. Sorry :)
        Jan 9, 2015
    20. Mike Kelly
      Mike Kelly
      Hey happy birthday
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    Dec 4, 1960 (Age: 63)
    Orlando, FL
    Software Engineer


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