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shredder a la Jeff

Discussion in 'Projects' started by tesseract, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Feb 20, 2013
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    OK I need feedback on this as well
    I am trying to come up with a home version of a shredder mainly for plastic bottles and I am now asking for some feed back am I crazy or not here is what I have so far in response from a note made by JDM

    I saw that one and it was way too expensive Here are some files to let you know what I have in mind

    This is the combplate it will be what the cylinder moves against the pins on it will move through the holes(areas in white) chopping off bits of plastics for later use

    This is the pin it is what is fitted into the cylinder and actually make contact with the plastic it is a harden steel dowel pin 1/8" wide and 3/4" long

    These next to will require a bit of explanation
    They are what I call cylinder layers (remember I am trying to to print as much as I can and it may just work)
    any way the first is the bottom view the other is the top view notice teh cavities in teh bottom they match up in only two ways with the projections on the top giving me about a 115 degree offset and a 55degree offset that gives me the angular pattern in the overall cylinder which you see in the last image it locks them into that configuration through a shaft that will act as a spindle for a motor and the locking mechanism you simply slid the cylinder layers pieces on and bolt down on the top and bottom there is a cover plate that goes over each end which is slightly concave on the cylinder side so when bolted down gives added pressure.
    3 pins per layer will be added and held in place via a flat area on the pin and a set screw.
    If any layer gets damaged it can be swapped out for any identical piece.
    layerbot.png layertop.png

    This is the complete cylinder stacked together and you can see how each layer is offset by about 55 degrees from the one below it yielding two sets of offset spiral pattern note each spiral is completed by alternating layers. I am try to do this in an attempt to reduce the impact of 12 pins slamming into the plastic being shredded at one time it will be a tapered attack. LOL

    I have a short vid I made of this actually in motion with the pins in place it is actually kind of cool but uploads won't allow .mp4 files
    I am going to ask Harry about that.

    It could be powered a power drill but a reg motor would be best I also am having the impact happen between the pins and plastic after the pin has moved past the horizontal point in its path this way the tip strikes first hopefully cutting through and then the rest of the pin acts like a scissors and shears of a little bit as it passes through rather than have the pin slam into it directly on its face again too much pressure.

    Anyway hope this gives you a clearer picture of my attempt

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