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Z-axis broken

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Mikethinks, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Mikethinks

    Mikethinks Active Member

    Mar 8, 2014
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    Received printer yesterday and I was having trouble with air prints. It got worse and worse, and I have discovered why, the right side z-axis threaded rod was not moving with the motor. It was Waaaaay loose...I suppose it loosened up over the past 2-3 hours of calibrate air print repeat.

    I tried tightening it (the aluminum round thingy), but the top wouldnt get tight enough...and the bottom wont loosen (which is good for the moment but bad if I need to replace the aluminum thing. The hex bolt doesnt look stripped but I cant get the tool in more than about half as far as the other 3.) I eventually just shimmed up the top with some thin cloth/paper based tape. Not sure how long this will last...may be forever :) I did want to figure out the best way to remove the lower hex nut, I just cant get a good grip on it with the tool...Im guessing I may need to cut off the aluminum piece.

    How can I get some extra nuts and aluminum round thingy that connects the motor to the threaded rod please.
  2. Mike Kelly

    Mike Kelly Volunteer

    Mar 11, 2013
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    This forum is pending removal. Submit all technical support requests here: http://www.robo3dprinter.com/pages/technical-support

    I also don't understand what you're asking so please provide more documentation and images for jerry so he can effectively troubleshoot.

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