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  1. jaxoes
    coloring pages by GBcoloring free
  2. Lesley Galyas
    Lesley Galyas
    I'm new to fixing the printers when the students get them clogged.
  3. Lesley Galyas
    Lesley Galyas
    We have a lot of robo E3 printers and need to find what size of filament guide tube...I'm anticipating that more clogs in future
  4. Lesley Galyas
    Lesley Galyas
    I'm a STEM Specialist at a schools system in New Mexico.
  5. sarajoh nson433
  6. Sal Salvador Sr.
    Sal Salvador Sr.
    -15% heating on my new Extruder Nozzle assembly reading on my Artillery Sidewinder X1... I can't make it work...??? Please help... thnx Sal
  7. jcpj.ca
    jcpj.ca Dan
    Hi Dan I also live in San Diego. I have been having issues with my C2. Mark tomlinson has been helping me with a Unresponsive screen. Would you be willing to talk with me on trouble shooting this machine using OctoPrint?
  8. backcomfort
  9. backcomfort
  10. Bill Humbert
    Bill Humbert Lance Weston
    i have rebuilt my R2 and printed a few objects that came out well. Problem is i get binding when it goes through the bed level sensing process. I have gone through the alignment process many times in a variety of ways. I feel like if i could slow the move speed during the level process it would be okay. Can I modify the movement speed in firmware? or point me to someone or an article than can?
  11. print brothe
    print brothe
    keep learning about information, tutorials, collections of ways to deal with printers and find official site sources for each printer brand
  12. print brothe
    print brothe
    Always like to learn all about printers
  13. tkoco
    Busy printing stuff for the Holidays!
  14. David Ewart
  15. Thomas E. Foss
    Thomas E. Foss mark tomlinson
    Can anyone tell me where to get a new build surface for the R1+? I was using a GO-3D PRINT 250mm x 320mm Borosilicate Glass Plate/Bed w/Flat Polished Edge for 3D Printer but that is no longer available and my bed is chipped.
  16. ezrahabib
  17. AvaBrian
  18. robert baldwin
    robert baldwin
    Working on restoring a Robo R1
  19. SophiaCharlotte
    Professional Writer
  20. AvaBrian