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E3 FAQ: frequently asked questions

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by Geof, Mar 18, 2019.

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    ***Work in Progress***
    Robo 3D Youtube channel with E3 Specific Videos for getting started:

    1. What is the Robo E3:
    The Robo E3 is Robo 3Ds EDU focused 3D Printer.

    2. What does it cost:
    It retails for 999.99 as a base package (there are also bundles with multiple printers and MY STEM KITS Packages)

    3. Print size and features:
    The Printer has a 150x150x150 build area
    Heated and removable build Plate (100C)
    Hotend with a max temp of 250C
    A built in camera

    4. It is cloud compatable:
    Yes, (Robo Cloud)

    5. What slicer does it use:
    It uses a slicer called Robo Print- Flashprint is the original slicer, designed for Flash Forge 3D Printers, I assume this has been modified for Robo.

    6. What do I get with the printer:
    Included with the printer is ;
    A starter spool of filament (500g), a spare parts pack, tool kit, 2 hours training (assumed virtual), and a my stem kits starter plan that is good for 20 stem kit prints.
    ***interesting bit- there is a hepa filter included with the printer***

    These are all FAQs found in the link provided above, more photos of an unboxing of my personal E3 here:
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