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QC process with results shipped with printer.

Discussion in 'Community Recomendations' started by daniel871, Oct 19, 2017.

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    Apr 18, 2015
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    Anybody that has also lusted after an Original Prusa MK2 or MK3 machine has seen the QC printout checklist that ships with every single kit and printer, but for anyone that hasn't, here is an example.


    Granted, the contents of the checklist should change to match the capabilities of the R2, but it should be something that is run/generated with each machine and signed off on by a Robo employee when packed for shipping.

    It would be nice if the QC script was something that could be built into the customized Octoprint that ships with the R2 so the end user could run it again on receipt to make sure nothing was damaged in shipment.

    This will serve two purposes:

    1) It will help Robo catch machines that do not meet proper standards for what they want to sell before the end-user gets them and

    2) It will be a nice bit of reassurance for the end user that yes, the machine was actually functional when it left Robo and that any issues will be down to shipping damages if the results when they run it themselves differ from the Robo results.

    Coding of the actual testing setup aside, the actual process of running the check shouldn't take that long for each unit, and ought to save Robo a lot of warranty issue headache in the long run by enabling them to catch these issues before they go out into the wild.

    EDIT to add: Also, since Prusa Research is Open Source, it shouldn't be that hard to find the diagnostic script they use and adapt it to Robo's hardware.
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