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Restored an R1 to operation :)

Discussion in 'Show and Tell' started by robert baldwin, Oct 17, 2021.

  1. robert baldwin

    robert baldwin New Member

    Oct 10, 2021
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    I picked up and Robo 3D R1 off craigslist. $100. The extruder connector was not attached. The small fan wire were broken off, and is was so dirty inside it took me two hours with a toothbrush to get it respectable.
    Put the connector on the hotend, buought a 3 pack for small fans. Made the double cooling fan mod (cause what they had to hold the small fan was no-go). Took an example from the R1+ and made my own 4pin flat cable used 14awg zipline. (that gray wire under the bed just wasn't working).

    When I connected the hotend back up, I would it was on all the time. (probably the reason it was taken apart).
    Replaced the FET on the RAMPS board.

    This must have been in a garage or storage shed for a long time. when pushing the bed the y-motor would grab. Took it apart, didnt see anything so I just replaced it.

    Tried to do several calibration circles, but it was not extruding ( finally at a z-offest of 1.2 it started to print).

    Printed the calibration circle, I though great I got it working . But

    When I tried to print a case for the Smart LCD I bought, the X-axis as drifting . So I replaced the X Axis Stepper motor.

    Now its been working 100% . I brought it back to life. (All the Novice Expert videos help so much , Thank you)

    Robert KO5MO aka Kosmo.
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