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Flexplate system for the R2 Printer

Discussion in 'Mods and Upgrades' started by tkoco, Aug 2, 2019.

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    May 7, 2018
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    I wanted to cover a few points which haven't really been documented. I purchased the R2 Flexplate System from https://partsbuilt.com . While the instructions touched on important points of the installation, they focus on the kit itself and don't have a holistic view. Of course, read the instructions which come with the kit.

    So, here goes:
    1. You should remove the print bed from the R2 printer.
    2. Install the kit on a sturdy table. (since you will be doing some serious pressing to seat the various parts)
    3. Remove the factory installed Buildtak from the print bed.
    4. Clean the exposed surface with 91% isopropyl alcohol as you will get finger prints on the print bed as you remove the Buildtak
    5. After removing the film from the magnet assembly (per the kit instructions), very carefully line up the magnet piece to the print bed before pressing it into place. The magnet piece is precisely cut and leaves zero room for misalignment. If you misaligned the magnet assembly, one or two edges will not seat properly. Use the pry tool which came with the R2 printer to carefully loosen the magnet assembly from the print bed and try again.
    6. Carefully align the Buildtak sheet to the flexible steel sheet. While alignment is not critical, it is best to get the alignment as good as you can the first time!
    7. Reinstall the print bed into the printer.
    When all is done, the new printing surface will be around 1mm higher than the previous surface. So redo the bed leveling. The procedure is posted in the R2 Troubleshooting forum. Do not assume that you only have to set the Z Offset calibration. At the minimum, do the Z Offset and Bed Calibration wizards.

    And if you are wondering what the 2 red-orange disks are for, in a word - potholder. They serve the same function as a potholder does in the kitchen (preventing your fingers / hand from being burned).
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  2. Lance Weston

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    Jun 2, 2018
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    I change my buildtak about every 3 weeks. I use Zonyee from Amazon. I spray painted the aluminum with Barbecue paint before installing the buildtak (zonyee), this makes taking it off sooo much easier.

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