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I've owned my Robo R1+ since 1/10/2018. I am impressed!

Discussion in 'Show and Tell' started by Jerry Normandin, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Jerry Normandin

    Jan 4, 2018
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    I've been 3d printing for 2 years now. My first printer was a Wanhao Duplicator i3. It took me 2 weeks to dial it in.. The bed of the Wanhao would frequently require manual leveling, the old method using a sheet of paper between the extruder and the bed, adjusting every wingnut under the bed. I would need to do this before my first print of the day, every day I print. Also a Wanhao would frequently jam, so at least every other week I would need to take the extruder apart. The wanhao steppers were sloppy. An example would be a model rocket I made that used estes C class motors.. you could see rings up and down the column.

    Over the past two years I got pretty good and designing electronic enclosures for the gadgets I've made.
    I also 3d printed a quadcopter off of thingiverse called Sparky. You can search for my makes under jerryn on thingiverse you will see the quadcopter.

    Anyway late December 2017 I saw a video on Youtube from Flitetest featuring 3dprinted planes from 3dlabprint. All panels and ribs are 3d printed. I thought it was pretty cool. I knew my Wanhao couldn't cut it, so I bought the Robo R1 +

    I chose a Spin Top as my test model because I knew what the print looked like when done on the Wanhoa. Like crap.

    I was impressed with my first print off the Robo R1 + My desktop is Linux so I installed MatterControl for Linux and configured for a Robo R1 +. The first print stuck fine to the build bed! I couldn't believe it. I was getting a print on the first try. The print completed, but I didn't have MatterControl configured correctly to print
    the Spin Tops spindle correctly, so the extruder sliced into the spindle a couple of times leaving a guage in the print. After somone on this forum pointed me in the right direction to adjust the speed for small print areas I was good to go. The printer ran fine.

    3Dprintlabs supplies Simplify3d optimizations for their models so today I bought and installed Simplify 3d.
    WOW... this software is worth it. The Robo R1+ is a great printer. My next model is a body and chasis for a robot rover that is compatible with ROS and I will be using the entire Z axis volume.

    Here are pictures of the SpinTop I printed today with Simplify 3D

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