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Public Service Announcement for those with a 3rd party controller

Discussion in 'Software' started by JustinRF, Jul 14, 2016.


Have you ever configured the wrong file system on an SD Card?

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  1. JustinRF

    JustinRF New Member

    Nov 23, 2015
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    If any of you have a Robo 3D with an LCD controller or any other 3rd party controller with an SD card slot and use the SD card for more than 1 purpose, always remember to re-format the card to Fat32!!!! NTFS will not work!!! I am letting everyone know as I have run into this issue and one of my friends and I just spend a while troubleshooting before realizing our mistake. :p And I am not sure about you mac folks out there, but I am confident that most Mac OS file systems will not work. ALWAYS USE FAT32!!!
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