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  1. aswin ahmad
  2. Laurie Sailer
  3. Jeffrey Crider5
  4. Doris Legrand
  5. Sandra Robertson
  6. Janina52
  7. mike2017
    mike2017 Geof
    hello i am new to the 3d printing i am have a lot of issues with my robo r1 plus it keeps do shifting layers i have tighten the belts when i print using simplify3d it does that but when i use matter control it works fine.....any help would be appeciated you can reach me best at my email at (edited by Mod) thanks again mike
    1. Geof
      Hi Mike,
      I've sent you a PM and removed your email from public view.
      Sep 8, 2017
  8. mike2017
    mike2017 mark tomlinson
    need help all my wheel prints are shifting layers can you help?
  9. Autom8ed
    Autom8ed Mike Kelly
    Hi Mike, you mentioned that SD was the fix when it started being unable to finish prints. Do you mean I might need to replace my XXL LCD controller since I'm having the same problem? Thanks in advance.
  10. huney man
  11. AlexMartin
  12. Dick Travis
    Dick Travis
    Having fun with the R2, but would like to get the plugin for Cura to print in 2 colors??
  13. plgzuz
    plgzuz mark tomlinson
    I looked at the forum. I did not see pictures for r2 hotend connections. I need to see where the black and red wires get plugged in. Thanks
  14. tanguy duhamel
  15. Laurens42
  16. jason rowsey
    jason rowsey Harry
    I cant attach a file. It is under the file size restriction, I choose the file, and it loads and just sits on the attachment screen. The only buttons are browse and close. Close does not attach the file. Please tell me what I am missing.
  17. OutsourcedGuru
    OutsourcedGuru Trevor C
    1. Trevor C
      Trevor C
      thanks for that ..i'm learning bit by bit!
      Aug 19, 2017
  18. JonO brien
  19. OutsourcedGuru
    OutsourcedGuru Kilrah
    "I simply VPN in and load the Octoprint server by IP to check the status..."
    My point earlier is that a software/hardware VPN out-of-box usually shares NETBIOS broadcasts to make things easier for the remote user. If Samba is broadcasting the NETBIOS name of the printer once per minute then you might try connecting to it via my-c2.local (whatever your serial number is) to see if the name broadcasting makes it thru.
  20. Michael Sailor
    Michael Sailor Mike Kelly
    Do you have any of the ROBO 3d enclosures left. I am trying to print with ABS and am having corners lifting.
    1. Mike Kelly