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  1. powerproduce1
  2. grant
    grant jim3Dbot
    Could you help me with my robo r1 IR sensor install? Thank you !
  3. grant
    grant Brad Jackson
    Do you have the configuration H file for your robo r1+ with the ir sensor?
  4. chrispullman
    chrispullman mark tomlinson
    Mark, my printer stops printing after about 20 minutes. R1+ Matter Control Windows 8.1 from a lap top. After I walk away and return and wake the lap top, Matter Control page says in the top left corner printer not communicating. Any thoughts?
  5. Eeon Macaulay
    Eeon Macaulay Jesstr8803
    Hi Jess
    Thanks for the link. Clicking on does not open the image.
    What have I done wrong

  6. Lindsey Bradshaw
    Lindsey Bradshaw
    7th grade science teacher, 3D printing novice
  7. Warp Norman
    Warp Norman WheresWaldo
    Mr WheresWaldo,
    If I remember correctly you have or had a Creator Pro? Today, what ever I set the heatbed to, it is always defaulting to 120. Even if I set the heatbed to 0 in Simplify3d. I turned the preheat settings to 0 and turned the bed off in preheat. I even tried older prints that I've successfully printed in the past and it still defaults to 120 during preheat.
    1. WheresWaldo
      No I have never owned a Creator Pro, sorry.
      Nov 18, 2018
  8. Tolucaman
    Echo:Cold Extrusion Prevented ?
    ZSCHONY Mike Kelly
    Hi Mike,
    I am looking for information on swapping my thermistor to a type k thermocouple. I can find info on the pt100 but nothing for the type k. If you know anything please let me know.
    ZSCHONY mark tomlinson
    Hi Mark,

    I was hoping to find some information about switching my thermistor to the Type K thermocouple. I can find a lot of information on the pt100 but nothing on the type K. Any info would be appreciated.
  11. Terry Balthazor
    Terry Balthazor mark tomlinson
    I'm getting an Error Detected - MAXTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0
  12. Tolucaman
    ok I got it the boot on hot end was missing
  13. Tolucaman
    I found the problem it was therubber boot that goes on hot end
  14. Tolucaman
    1. Tolucaman
      the rubber boot on hot end , missing
      Oct 10, 2018
    2. Tolucaman
      I fixed it
      Oct 10, 2018
  15. Rahul Sinha
    Rahul Sinha attones
  16. CdRsKuLL
    Busy busy... Top secret stuff ;) ;)
  17. richterjoyi
  18. Daniel Vaughan
    Daniel Vaughan
    Looking for help.
  19. manasa
    manasa OutsourcedGuru
    Hi there, saw one of your posts about creating 3D human scans using Trnio app. We need a job work to be accomplished using Trnio/Scann3D, can you help us?
  20. tkoco
    Lurking about 8)